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Frequently Asked Questions about Lino

Has the Lino blockchain main net launched?

No. It is still in the testing phases.

When will the main net be launched?

There is no specific time frame for launching the main net. It is expected to be launched once development is complete.

What is the relationship between a DLive account and a Lino account?

There is no direct relationship. DLive is a third-party application that has adopted the use of a testnet version of the Lino blockchain. In order for testnet tokens to be used by DLive users, a Lino testnet account is automatically created and associated with a DLive account when a DLive account is created.

Are LINO Points ERC-20 tokens?

No. LINO Points are not ERC-20 based. The Lino blockchain is a native protocol.

Is LINO Point inflationary in the test net?

Yes. There are new LINO Points minted in each new block. LINO Points are not publicly tradable.

Has Lino conducted an ICO? Where does the funding come from?

Lino has never conducted any ICO. All of the funding comes from private investors.

Are there any ways to purchase the main net coins right now?

Unfortunately, no. There is no way to purchase the main net coins at this point.

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