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Lino Validator Kampanyasına Katılın, 2.4 Milyon LINO'luk Ödül Havuzundan Kazanın

We are thrilled to launch the Lino Validator Campaign on the Lino blockchain test net! This campaign aims to incentivize professional validators who are willing to commit time and resources to support the long-term sustainability of Lino blockchain.

Based on Tendermint and Cosmos SDK, Lino blockchain has a similar tech stack to Cosmos Hub. If you are already a Cosmos validator or familiar with Tendermint and Cosmos, setting up a validator on the Lino blockchain will be a smooth process.

Benefits of Becoming a Validator

After the Lino blockchain main net launches, 20% of the total Block Rewards will be distributed to the 21 Lino validators. On top of this, all Lino account registration fees and message fees will go to validators as compensation. As LINO Stake holders, validators will also receive the LS voting rewards.


The basic requirement for becoming a reliable validator is to run at least 2 sentry nodes. Here are the recommended server specs (in terms of the AWS EC2 instance):

  • minimum requirement: m5.2xlarge * 3 (8 cpu, 32 Gi mem)
  • recommended: r5.2xlarge * 3 (8 cpu, 64 Gi mem)

Please follow the tutorial to set up a validator.
Important: Before setting up your validator, please make sure you read through this announcement.

Entry Prize

The first 30 qualified Validator Candidates will receive 20,000 LINO Stake each.


  • Have at least 100,000 LINO Stake
  • Become a Validator Candidate
  • Validator Identity (Keybase.io) is complete (including avatar and names)
  • Bio link is updated
  • Pass node liveness check (rpc server is required to be exposed. For example https://fullnode.lino.network/)

To Claim the Prize:

Please contact us(see below) once you complete the above requirements. Note that one identity is only eligible for one Entry Prize. We reserve the rights to disqualify any candidate with duplicated identities.

Founding Validator Prize

From Oct 18th 5PM PDT to Nov 10th 5PM PDT, the top 21 validators with most signed and validated blocks will receive 80,000 LINO Stake each. In order to sign and validate blocks, a validator has to be one of the top 21 validators with the most votes.

To Claim the Prize:

We will collect the number of blocks signed by each validator during the given period, and send out the rewards after the campaign is done.


If you have any questions, please join Lino Discord and contact Yukai or directly send email to ytu@lino.network.

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